About Us

The company has its offices in Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam, Panama City, Panama and Aventura Florida USA

Experience matters

Our focus is to bring blockchain technology to our daily lives by leveraging our subsidiary SAITEC Technology & Development Joint Stock Company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We also are continuously searching for acquisitions to bring value to our shareholders.

Blockchain Tech

Our base technology allows us to develop, produce and operate blockchain applications. The focus for our blockchain technology is currently the only significant revenue pool in Blockchain applications, production and operation of our own infrastructure.

Staking Pools

A staking pool allows coin holders to combine their computational resources as a way to earn rewards. Each pool operator charges a fee for the coin holders to stake in the selected pool. The staking pool model idea is quite similar to the traditional mining pool.


Startup technology companies located in Vietnam and specializing in Blockchain, IoT, EV middleware and/or Artificial Intelligence are a key focus when determining acquisitions.


We are a publicly traded company in the OTC Markets listed under the symbol: SANP.

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Our current business model revolves around our decision to work only from Vietnam. Vietnam has become one of the fastest-growing technology countries in Asia. We have 80% of our staff that is fluent in English which is valuable with our current project management and collaboration systems, making communication with us seamless.

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Who we are

Our team consists of 20+ great technology nerds, headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We offer state of the art technology consulting and development services, specializing in inter-connectivity of legacy and next-gen technology.

We are fortunate to work with great brands

The focus on protecting investor capital is generated by our undertaking to develop blockchain projects with superior long-term returns.

Blockchain software development services

Our company has had expertise in blockchain development since 2016 especially in the areas of custom software development and blockchain smart contract development.