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Our outsourcing services collaborate with your team to deliver bespoke, quality software products. We have designed and developed everything from blockchain smart contracts, engaging mobile-web apps, to enterprise-grade solutions.


In the blockchain system, transactions are more secure than other record-keeping systems. Blockchain requires transactions to be agreed upon before they are recorded. Once the transaction is agreed upon, it will be encrypted and linked to the previous record.

Speedy And Efficient

If you are currently working in a complex supply chain, you know how hard it is to trace aproduct back to where it came from. Blockchain provides a solution with speed and efficiency to record exchanges of goods and create an audit trail that shows the origins of a product and every stop it makes on its way.


If you are currently working in a complex supply chain, you know how hard it is to trace aproduct back to where it came from. Blockchain provides a solution with speed and efficiency torecord exchanges of goods and create an audit trail that shows the origins of a product and every stop it makes on its way.


Blockchain allows all network participants to share the same documentation as opposed to individual copies. In order to achieve transparency users can only update the shared version through consensus, meaning everyone must agree onit. The slightest change would require the alteration of all subsequent records, making it transparent.

Industries We Serve Using Blockchain Solutions

We will help you turn any idea into a solution that will solve real industry problems with or without a usage of blockchain technology. Our developers are passionate about new technologies and love working on innovative products! Contact us and check what we can accomplish together!


Clinical data across hospitals and allied medical institutions enables patients to control their data increasing the quality of care to patients.

Finance & Payments

Gain enhanced customer service satisfaction due to the security and trustless features of blockchain technology.


Our retail segment is heavily reliant on inventory control, operations management, and consumer satisfaction.

Education & Learning

Our education and learning module provides aid to educational institutions with the most disruptive services.

Voting & Government

In order to maintain trust in the government, the blockchain ensures that the data of citizens issecure, protected, and accurate.

Music & Entertainment

Blockchain’s immutable, secure, and trustless network creates an ecosystem of assurance that is built around digital content.

Travel & Tourism

Decentralization of the travel & tourism business efficiency is developed from our blockchain solutions. The development allows for solutions in verification of tracking luggage, making payments, and introducing customer loyalty schemes


We offer decentralized legal solutions and smart contracts that aid in resolving disputes, notarizing documents, making land registries, record keeping, and more.

Real Estate

Our company is one of the top blockchain development companies that has created marketplaces for buyers and sellers to connect directly, make payments, invest in fractional ownership, and more.

Supply Chain

Our blockchain developers create a supply chain application which includes coverage for the entire lifecycle of a block of data starting from the production phase, to the warehouse, logistics, retail, and end consumers.


Blockchain allows innovative mobility services, adding traceability and secure financial transactions. The automation process will reduce human errors.


The blockchain will assist in reducing fraud, increasing operational efficiency, and ensuring faster transactions for passengers and other stakeholders.

Core Blockchain Development – New Blockchains And Infrastructure

Our custom blockchains development services are solutions that are based on forks of popular blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, ZCashand Decred as well as new algorithms
designed for specific needs. These solutions cover fully decentralized exchanges and decentralized mining platforms, new blockchains and the entire infrastructure around them such as Wallets, Miners, Mining/Staking Pools, Explorers, and more.

Cardano Smart Contracts & Decentralized Applications Development

We assist in the creation of safe and secure decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts on the Cardano network. Our team custom builds Blockchain-Based Applications, or an adaptation of your existing systems, for the ability to use blockchain and smart contracts. Our expertise is in areas such as escrows, decentralized investing platforms, video streaming, and trading solutions. Our most prominent service and experience is in blockchain technology.

Blockchain-Backed Systems & Platforms Utilizing Blockchain Technology

We will assist you with building custom Blockchain-Based Systems that support various industries such as FinTech, Trading, Investment, EnergyManagement, Retail And More. Our Experience Covers Development Of Various PlatformsSuch As Cryptocurrency Exchanges, P2P Trading Systems, Web-Wallets, Cryptocurrency CustodianSoftware, Warm/Cold Wallets, Cryptocurrency Credit Cards Platforms, and Blockchain-Based Modern Banking.

Your entire blockchain ecosystem & platform is created in one place.

We make the promise to our clients that we will go live with their products in less than 3 months. One of the crucial factors to go fast without sacrificing quality is to decrease the costs of communication and speed up feedback loops between all the parties involved in product development. That is possible only thanks to co-located and cross-functional agile software development teams that we offer to you as pragmatic coders.

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